How To Make Woman Happy – And Her Man Too

We were laying on the bed, letting the steam off after some very private moments. I said: “This was great”.
“I don’t feel you’re happy enough” – my husband replied, “what’s wrong?”
“Oh, nothing, just something on my mind. It’s not about what we just did, it’s something else”.
“What is it, baby?” – he braced his hands around my chest. I curled inside, like a real baby in her mother’s arms, and sighed. “I was looking in the mirror” – I pointed to the dresser mirror right across the bed – “and I noticed something”.
“Hmm… how beautiful you are?” – he asked.
“No… how old I am” – I sighed again – “you know, the wrinkles, the fine lines… I think I even saw the crow’s feet, but you made me too busy at that moment”.
“But you still don’t look your age, honey. Not even close” – he hugged me a little stronger then before.
“I know, I know. But still, you know – it shows”. I heard him chuckle: “What about those buckets of creme you used up all these years?”
“It helped, but it’s not really what the skin needs. You know, I worked more than ten years in beauty industry, I’ve seen more skin then you ever will” – I teased. However, he was quick to return the favor – “It’s never too late to start catching up, although I’d miss these tender moments with you” – he replied.
“Oh, you know what I mean” – I surrendered – “no cream will restore that stuff that makes skin look young”. “Ah, the collagen, I remember” – he returned, like a school boy answering questions for his homework. “Good boy” – I joked, – “so you must remember that with age collagen dissipates and your skin looks wrinkled and old”. “Yes, ma’am” – he said – “although I can’t really comprehend such complicated words right after so much physical activity and so much pleasure.”
“Alright”, I said, “I’ll let this go this time, but next class – be prepared”.
Next day, Thursday, was my working day at the Sensitive Touch spa, where I worked as laser hair removal technician. Making people beautiful is what I do best and what I really love to do. I mean – think of it, women must look beautiful or gorgeous – you decide. Either way, they must be attractive. The doctor I work for, Dr. Halaas, was in the office too. We were chatting how plastic surgery gets more and more attention – and more acceptance. Personally I think there’s nothing wrong if somebody wants to look their best and uses latest and greatest in plastic surgery to aid. Dr. Halaas was on the same page with me.
“I looked at you this morning” – she said – “and I noticed you look happy”. She paused, then added: “Happy, but concerned”.
“Yes… and yes” – I laughed.
“Let me guess – your husband makes you happy, and your wrinkles make you concerned” – she said.
“Yes… and yes, again!” – I responded.
“Well, how about we do something about it?” she asked, somewhat provocatively.
“About husband?” – I asked, jokingly.
“Yes, and about those wrinkles, too” – she smiled, while grabbing my hand and leading me to the room.
Couple of minutes later I was comfortably seated in the chair with Dr. Halaas holding a syringe with Botox in her hands.
“You will need about three or four shots of Botox in the forehead” – she said as she was administering first round of injections. She changed Botox to Restilane. “A couple of shots of Restilane under the eyes, your bad eyesight is causing more wrinkles when you supposed to have at your age.” She did the shots and changed Restilane to Juvederm. “You seem to like to laugh, so we’ll fix your laugh lines” – she kid while proceeding with the rest of injections. In under ten minutes the whole procedure was over.
“The face might ache, there might be some swelling, might be even headache. But you’ll survive. Now, let’s go back to work”.
By the end of the day the aching and headache were in place, but actually there was very little of swelling. My husband met me at our apartment’s door. “What happened, baby? Did you get into a fight? Did you showed them?” – I waved him off: “I got some Botox injected, so I may not feel well tonight”. “Ahh” – he nodded – “the eternal dream is coming true in front of our eyes. Where’s the popcorn when you need it”.
It’s the second day that I was fully aware of what happened to me – the headache, the swelling and the aching – in addition to short, one-day, cold. It was discomforting a bit, but neither painful nor it was swelling. By Saturday the only visible reminder of the procedure was some dark spots under eyes that by Sunday all but vanished.
Sunday night we went out to some quiet (as we thought) Turkish tea place. It turned out more crowded than trendy Manhattan on Friday, but it wasn’t the point. My husband and I were feeling the looks from other tables – everyone was checking me out. “I bet they envy me. Not a date in this room look as young as you do” – my husband told me – “Girls check you out even more then guys do”. I laughed. “No, seriously! I wish you could see all the looks they gave you already.”.
And you know what – I believed him. These Botox/Restilane/Juvederm injections were the best thing I ever did for myself for whole twelve years of working in beauty industry. No cream will ever recreate the collagen in your skin – you have to make the injection of the proper aid to restore it. I am not saying cremes or lotions are useless. They help you preserve your skin and slow down the aging. But no lotion will stop the aging, and no creme will restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Botox and Restilane, on the other hand, restored my forehead and under-eyes skin. My eyes again are green almond-shaped beauty (as my husband puts it) and seeing it in the mirror every time makes me feel twenty again.