3.14 And A Piece of A Pie

Everything is in there, somewhere

Job – as expected, I haven’t gotten jack shit from the yearly review, but it’s mostly because I’ve been there less than a year. So no hard feelings. I’d say the good outweigh the bad still in this situation. There will be a real talk next year and it’s probably going to be “make it or break it” kind of a deal

Entertainment – watched the first season of Happy! – damn, that was one funny shit they’ve made. Pretty hardcore with dark humor and poking fun at almost everything – from Die Hard to My Little Pony. Loved the show.

Next thing I watched was the Triple Frontier – a Netflix movie. Honestly – I wasn’t impressed. I don’t know why, but the whole movie just didn’t strike the chord with me. It’s not that there’s nothing happening, it’s just not the stuff that’s happening doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t add up in my head. And with the cast – I sort of expected better characters, less cardboard, and more meat and bones.

Photography – hasn’t shot anything new yet, but edited the fuck out of previous shoot I’ve done. Also, started sorting through the shoots I didn’t edit last year, so there’s more material coming up. The thing is now instead of one or two images per look I am picking several – and that takes a lot of time to edit. I almost feel like I am pushing myself to shoot better images out of camera, to save time on edits. Let’s see how this Sunday’s going to pan out.

As I was figuring out the phpBB for communities I’ve been testing Facebook integration. Unfortunately, phpBB isn’t going to cut it – the FB integration is very rudimentary and probably isn’t going to work in the long run. I mean – I am still pretty good with technology and I still couldn’t figure out how to log in. I am pretty sure the target audience would be at a loss. With that said – a VERY NSFW picture.

don’t even try… ah, who am i kidding

Did Somebody Say – Monday?

Okay, my hands hurt, so this ought to be quick.

The heater in my apartment doesn’t heat shit, so I spent the day today in thick sweatpants and a hoodie. Got out of the house for 10 minutes and got frostbite on the back of my hands. It’s only 10F but with the added wind it gets brutal.

Wrapped up most of the work stuff by around 3 PM and had a little breather. Booked a hotel for tomorrow. Even participated in some friendly company chat. I’ve been a good boy.

Watched some Eddie Izzard while making me lunch. I’ve heard of him many times, finally got around to actually being able to pay attention. Wish I had seen his acts sooner – pure gold.

Cleaned up a few more accounts with old passwords, expired passwords, etc. Keep finding shit that’s been obsolete for years. As of now I am at 700 odd saved logins. I barely use 50, so got much cleanup to do.

Speaking of clean up – edited a few photos from my last session, mostly rope stuff. I need me a rope bunny, this shit is addictive and I can’t get enough of it. Ordered some more jute hemp rope – some for practice and some thicker for photography. Should look good. Better than this: