Tuesday’s Gray

Mostly because nothing of significance happens and it’s all just a wall of a gray woosh.

Job – spent some pretty productive hours and learned a thing or two about one of the major technology companies. Can’t say what, can’t say who, but I am flabbergasted. Pushed some buttons, pushed some people. Interesting how some shit’s coming around and around.

Guess that’s why I can’t just up and start writing stuff every day about every day. On one hand I am busy doing things, on the other hand – some (most) of it is boring, some of it is under NDA, and some just my private shit that is so not interesting…

Stargate Atlantis – as I moved to fifth season in my re-watch, I had an idea. Wraith are just next iteration of predatory vegetarians. We have vegans and vegetarians who don’t eat meat, fish, eggs, whatnot. Then we have some who only consume sunlight. Obviously they die out rather quickly because their bodies aren’t equipped with necessary mechanisms to consume sunlight as energy. That’s basically what Wraith have – a mechanism to consume a “life force” (energy) but not from the Sun – this would have made them true vegetarians, but from other life forms. And this is exactly what makes them predatory.

Home IT – my desktop started staggering today, which is pretty fucking unexpected. So I went straight into Task Manager… and holy crap – I’ve got Chrome eating up 30% of CPU time and about 4GB of RAM for six tabs. While Firefox sits at 15% with 3GB of RAM running twice that many tabs open, half of them – Gmail and Outlook email accounts, which is pretty heavy. As a first approximation experiment – kicked the Chrome off and loaded same tabs in Firefox Developer, just to keep the two browser picture. Both CPU and RAM consumption immediately dropped. I’ll run similar test tomorrow with MS Edge, but it kind of doesn’t make sense as they’re moving to Chromium anyway. Still, pretty indicative how shitty the Chrome have become – practically an IE 6.0 all over again.

Practical idea – instead of Patreon, OnlyFans and other crap – just run the Amazon wish list. You like my work – buy me something I need to continue doing my work. Speaking of work – today’s Instagram picture.


This was slow? Really?

Thought this would be a slow Wednesday. Fuck that shit.

Started working at 8:30 AM – questions, back and forth, send me this, answer me that. Tons of emails, calls, meetings. I love marketing that has month-long sprints. You know who else likes one-month sprints? Archeologists. Shit ain’t going anywhere from six feet under. While I was at it – fixed my sales pipeline spreadsheet. Turned out I fucked up the column number in the macro and one of the most important tabs wasn’t updating. And as always – nothing is good enough. Seems like everyone’s waking up by end of January. “We’ll update in a couple of weeks”. Which is what I thought they’d do, but hey – who cares, right?

Added myself to a some of PA model/photographer groups but they’ve been slow with approvals, so I only got three or four so far. Will post the casting call tomorrow – if I ever get to that. At least one responded to my MM casting, so that should be fun, I guess.

Did some research to see if I can afford to upgrade my 5-year-old video card. There are some good choices between $170 and $270 on Nweegg, so I’ll just wait until President’s Day to see if any of that will be on sale. That Sapphire NITRO+ RX 590 with 8GB sure looks tempting. Too bad there’s almost nothing interesting from nVidia in this range, so I’ll have to stick to Radeon.

Decided to do a little research, to see if I can justify buying a new video card for anything I do on my desktop. Found this comparison, courtesy of Puget Systems (they sell computer systems tailored for Photoshop performance). Not sure how honest these guys are, but here’s an interesting observation.

The lowest scoring video card on this chart – we’re not considering SoC Intel thingy – GTX 1060 6GB costs approximately $215 on Newegg. The highest scoring RTX 2080 Ti 11GB costs about $1300. The $1000 difference buys you about 10% performance increase. Funny how things turn out sometimes.

Photoshop CC GPU Comparison