Very First Girl

My very first girl (don’t laugh!) was a cute 6-year old. I was a 6-year old cute boy then, so there wasn’t anything illegal involved. However, being a shy guy I still am, I managed to enjoy a continuous kissing sessions behind some abandoned building. She was, of course, against it, but I was damn persuasive. Besides, we all wanted to know what it feels like and why all those men and women on TV made such a big fuzz about it. Remember, we were 6, we had no idea what the hell the porn is.

Must admit – it doesn’t sound like much and it wasn’t much then. But now come to think of it – I was the earliest among my peers to start dating and actually got to a second base. She bragged about it even more then I did. We were heroes.

We didn’t even break up. Her parents moved to another part of town, so she went to a different kindergarten. Short story.

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