Read Between The Lines, Write Between The Lines

Read between the lines of dating profileThere were numbers of times when myself or my friends got puzzled by what’s written in the dating profile. There were, also, times, when we were confused as to what to write in our profiles. As you may have already guessed by now, the puzzlement by readers is caused by the puzzlement by writers.

Let’s just assume for a moment that you have a dating profile that lists your goals as “Friendship, Casual Dating,  Serious Relationship, Marriage and Kids and No Strings Relationship”. Just by expanding your visibility to all the areas of search (that’s why those categories are there in the first place) you have successfully eliminated any ability of your prospective date to see your actual goals. Is she’s looking for serious relationship – you have already scared her away with casual dating and no strings relationship. If that’s exactly what she’s looking for you turn her down by wanting marriage and kids. We can argue that with the right person everything is possible, but unless you’re Brad Pitt (i.e. cute and rich) – I doubt any girl will fall for that.

Now is the tricky part. What do you really want to put there? Whatever you think is right. Don’t waste your time on one-timers and gold-diggers if your goal is marriage, keep looking for that one and the only. If you are looking for casual encounters – leave those mom-wannabes alone.

If you are like me, and keep hanging somewhere in between – there’s hope for you too. Try to keep two profiles. Just make sure you are not using same or similar photos in them, this way you’ll keep away from those angry messages about being double-faced lying bastard.