The Approach Approach

How to ask the girl for a date - Dating Advice for guys There is a common misconception that if you surprise the girl you want to date with your sudden appearance (like jumping from around the corner) she will immediately recognize the best parts of your magnificent self. This inevitably will lead to her falling in love with you at first sight, dating you for as long as you like, marrying you and living happily ever after. Of course, I don’t have to explain why this is the as far from the truth as it can be. If you want to ask for date and get a date, not a slap on your face – read on.

A few days ago, on the bus, I met this absolutely gorgeous woman. She was the best a plastic surgery can do for a woman of a middle age. Tall, with stunning curvaceous body, large breasts, perfectly round tight ass, puffy lips, perfect facial features, bright blue eyes, light flawless skin – you know what I mean. We talked just a bit and one of the questions I asked was – how does she feel about the guys who approach her. Her answer wasn’t a surprise though – it was something I have already heard a number times over from hundreds of other girls.

She said she’s in her own inner world, paying little to no attention to things that go on outside. When someone approaches her, she actually has to make an effort to connect her world with our world and talk to that approached person. And after she’s done, she closes the door and gets back into the comfort of her own things. Therefore random people who approach her are sort of aliens to her – she watches them with childish amazement (I confirm that – it’s exactly how she looked at me throughout the whole conversation) and then sort of turns off the TV she’s watching.

Now, remember all those times when you were openly expressing an interest in some hot chicks out there and they barely noticed you. THEY ACTUALLY DIDN’T – but not because there’s something wrong with you, but because they are in the world of their own. Let me repeat that for the slowpokes – there is nothing wrong with you if that hot lady ignores you. She just isn’t mentally here at the moment.

Now back to our initial question on approaching and asking for a date. Knowing all this your job has just got a bit harder. But knowing this will definitely spare you from making a huge mistake, loosing a great date and on what truly could be your happily ever after.

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