Sunday, Monday – Who Cares

When it’s almost 3 AM – which day is it, really?

Job – so it’s been a weekend and I was doing something else. In the meantime, the company is “trimming fat”, so I guess it should start exercising 🙂

Interesting read from one of the guys I have been following. He’s not bad and he’s preaching some smart stuff, but as all the people who have something to sell, he’s selling too hard. I understand, he has to – and should probably learn from him. However, the point he’s making is that the overall economy is moving towards selling cheap shit on Amazon and doesn’t benefit anyone except Amazon. While I agree that selling on Amazon does benefit Amazon alone, I doubt we’re already reaching the point where everyone’s a Besos slave.

However, he’s making a good point on cheap labor markets are stealing and copying shit. He states: “Anything that could be stolen and faked – will be stolen and faked”. 99% of the shit that is being faked is luxury items where you’re not paying for quality or craftsmanship – you’re paying for brand that represents quality and craftsmanship from far away past. So I am not worried about that.

He then arrives (via a couple of logical steps) at the point that virtual “world” or “virtual reality” has a larger capacity then the actual real world. I am not arguing with this point, however, I am not sure what kind of economy would exist in the world where every single provider would want to print their own money. Also, see – lootboxes. Good luck with creating economy there.

Life Drama – I had about an hour of spare time today, so I went back to chat people up on Facebook. Some of the groups refreshed some of the members, so it was fun. Old farts showed up in a couple of topics, but I happened not to clash with anyone – which was surprising. But it did get me back to the feeling of wasted time and constant interruptions. So I’ll probably stay away from it for a while longer.

Photography – almost caught up with the latest shoot (damn, I had a lot of material from it) and forced myself to work on a pinup poster from June last year. Yeah, that whole “asshole of the year” award. Surprisingly the model was extremely nice about it, so I feel even worse. Usually they just lash out at me and I shut them off, but this one was the exact opposite. So I guess I’ll have to finish them all soon.

Absolutely safe for everyone