Summer Is Over

Summer Is Over The summer is over. Now is a the last three weeks when you can still see, almost unobstructively, what you’re getting when you go out on a date.

In just less then a month ladies will start covering themselves in those clothes that hide more than they reveal and that keep you guessing if she’s the right size. It is also going to be less convenient for those romantic walks on the beach or in the parks as colder weather moves in.

So if you’re still searching, now is a good time to wrap up and settle for the cold winter months. Here are some suggestions as to how to do it:

  • Don’t plan long dates at fancy places. Settle for shorter time frames (up to an hour), this may leave room for another date on a same day.
  • Starting doing lunches. I know some girls are too proud to go on a lunch date, but some are not (I have found that those usually have much nicer personality and generally more interesting people). Balance it out.
  • Have a backup plan. The place you’re going to might not appear to be as good when it rains than as when shines. Keep couple of places in mind to be flexible.
  • Movies are good again. It’s not going to be freezing in the theaters anymore.
  • Keep an extra small umbrella. That alone might be a chance for a second date.
  • Now that it isn’t that hot – don’t overdo the cologne or deodorant. Too much smell may be a turn-off.
  • Don’t try to penetrate her clothes with your sight. She’s perfectly aware of where you staring at, so keep yourself within bounds.
  • More clothes – more chances to make a compliment. Use them wisely.

Generally speaking, pretty much any circumstance can be be used for both harm and good. If your aim is to get that girl – make sure you use them for good.