Dating in 2017

As the year ends it makes sense to wrap it with a summary. Ups and downs of dating in 2017.

  • More choices. A lot of people are way more open about dating and wasting less time on meaningless chatter
  • More freedom. Way fewer people feel like they need to lock you down and chain to themselves
  • Technology. Dating apps galore, barely have time to switch between them. Some people are still on OkCupid or even but I have a feeling those are dying out quickly
  • Flexibility. Picking a place to meet or to spend time at, choices are almost limitless.
  • Kink is good. Love it or hate it, but movies like 50 Shades and Gerald’s Game have definitely opened up some people. If it was taboo for them, now they can be a little bit more open and it’s easier to get the person talking to see if your kinks match


  • Idiocy continues. Idiots harassing opposite genders, lawsuits galore, greedy scumbags profiting from sexual harassment cases – all of that puts many people on the defensive. A consensual relationship may turn into something else just on one of partners say-so.
  • Too many choices. Why bother figuring out this woman (or that guy) if another one is just a swipe away. Are her eyes a wrong shade of blue? Pass. Is he wearing sneakers to work? Pass.
  • Prejudice is still going strong. Are you into kink? You must be a pervert and should be in jail. Are you watching porn? Oh, you’re so not a dating material. You want to do what to me? You’re disgusting.
  • Racism. Goes both ways. This race blames that for one thing or another. That race advocates only to date within their race because that other race is full of bigots and racists. All shades and colors are in disarray and everyone is blaming everyone else for this. No one looks at themselves and thinks – what the actual fuck am I doing? Everyone’s too busy looking for someone else to blame.
  • Greed is not always good. Dating up is a thing and once you’re out of your full-time gig at Burger King you are the one to be dated up TO. Sad to see people break up with their partners so that they can get to someone with more money in their pockets.
  • Sugar mommy/sugar daddy. I was oblivious how much of the thing this is. I was blind, but now I see. Apparently, it’s not only a thing to do – it is also a thing to brag about to your friends (real or otherwise), post shit you’ve gotten from multiple “mommies” or “daddies” on Instagram, discuss amounts received and so on. I am so behind on times, I am sad with myself.