The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Diets

People will do almost anything to lose weight. While the most logical, sustainable means of doing so hasn’t really changed — eat less and exercise every day it seems there are a host of new and outlandish methods to lose those love handles. Digg points us to the article on DivineCaroline, that describes ten deceitful diets.

Speaking from experience, there is no easy way to loose pounds. Just forget it, it will never happen. Sure, you may get a “magic pill” to burn all those extra inches of fat, but the problem is – once you stop eating those pills, the weight is back. And – in full force. So the only proper way to get rid of your overweight is to go natural.

Start today, while it is still January. By the dating/mating season (April-May) you will be able to achieve a presentable shape.

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