What To Do When The Summer Is Over

Fresh Soap - Fresh Start

Summer is over. Get used to it. Good news is that now you have more time to improve your image and assess all the issues you have been pointed to during your dating season.

Now, if you are happily involved with someone you really like (or love) – skip this post. We are going to talk about those who lost (either willingly or not) their involvement but haven’t picked up a new one yet. Coming fall and winter are definitely good times to work your issues out.

With economy slow and money becoming more of an issue it may be a good idea to cut on those beer fests with friends and hit the gym or treadmill at home. It will be less expensive and much more productive. Additionally, while staying fit you also avoid purchasing new sizes of the same clothes, which also is a good idea.

If you have been missing some of old friends – it may be time to reconnect with them. Possibly they picked up an acquiantance or two and there are chances they know somebody who’s just your type. Keep looking, don’t be afraid to ask.

Last, but not least – take couple of fresh pictures of you. There’s nothing worse then starting a new dating season with last year’s pictures. Your ex-dates may not remember what was exactly wrong with the date, but they would recall that this picture is associated with something bad or boring. By getting a fresh picture you’re getting yourself a fresh start.