Give Me A Little Love

Sculpture of August Rodin The Kiss - Dating Advice Blog Sometimes people around you give you the most interesting discussion subjects. Or, maybe, it is so because we tend to listen to them the most. In any case, let’s talk about things like sharing, giving and receiving.

It all started with a person who is very close to me and is my close friend being very depressed. After we went through the routine of “What’s going on? – Nothing, I’m just depressed” Q & A, we stopped for a moment to catch a breath. Then, slower, we proceeded to uncover the real state of things.

It turned out that she was depressed simply because everyone else is either too annoying, too arrogant or seem not to notice her. Sometimes she would come up to someone with a question and the person would turn around like she’s not there. Or people would look at her like she’s the enemy of the state. Or refuse to do anything she asks – for no apparent reason. Then it dawned on me – I remembered I was in just the same situation at one point of my life.

All those people are not disliking you – I said. If right after encountering you someone would come up to them and ask if they remember who they just talk to – they would’ve probably just shrugged. The reason is simple – you don’t generate sympathy. You generate annoyance, arrogance, fear, hatred, they feel that Dark Side is strong with you or whatever else. Point is – they don’t feel sympathy. That is why they ignore you, give you those cold looks and so on. They feel your unhappiness and they try to avoid it at all cost. Most of the time they do it unconsciously.

But what do I do? – she asked. Well, – I said – it’s simple. Whenever you come up in the morning – look in the mirror and say you like what you see. If you have a nice smile – smile to yourself like it’s a pretty stranger you want to get. Whenever you approach someone – try to be positive, feel good about that person and generate sympathy. It will be hard at the beginning, but it will get better over time. Sometimes the person you will be talking to is going to be the most annoying person in the world, ugly as hell and stupid as a tree. Still, try to feel a little sympathy towards that person and I promise you – you will be rewarded tenfold.

I realize she may not be happy with my answer, since it doesn’t provide an immediate rectification to the problem. But it does give a solution, one that will work as soon as the next encounter happens.

Now, some of you may ask – what does all this has to do with dating? If it isn’t clear enough – I’ll explain. Whenever you go on a date – ESPECIALLY FIRST DATE – that’s how your counterpart will know what kind of person you are. You may have the best shoes, jeans and shirt in the world, or you may have the prettiest natural boobs that make Victoria Secret models cry, but if you generate those “bad vibrations” – your date will never notice how cute, smart or lovely you are. On the other hand – I’ve personally witnessed a DATE GONE PERFECT because both people were generating sympathy and good emotions towards everyone around them and what started as an encounter of two strangers just two hours later was a conversation between two closest people on Earth.

How To Get On The Right Track

After you are done reading our e-book that is due February 14th, right on Valentine’s Day (yep, it’s a gift!) you may ask yourself how come you didn’t think about this earlier. True, most of this is pretty obvious. However, problem remains the same — 8 out of 10 guys will fail at least at one of this basic things. Your task now is to leap ahead of them by doing this right.

In order to maintain a positive outlook you must show that you are respecting yourself. You come in clean clothes. You come on time. You give her a nice compliment. You take her to a nice clean place. You pay for her. You call her next day.

Let me share one little secret here, in this book. The most asked question after a person reads this book is — how do I start on a right track? Can you help me fix my dating issues and improve my dating experience. Well… yes, WE CAN HELP YOU!


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Why get a new profile? Well, that’s simple — profiles on dating sites deteriorate. They get tainted with feeling of failure. It is very hard to start afresh if you keep looking at all the messages you have sent and never got any response. Stare at that hottie with whom you chatted for two months but she never gave you her phone number. That’s depressing.

But don’t delete your old profile yet! Use it smart — before writing to someone or responding to someone — check it if you have already talked to that person. Try a different approach, use different words, don’t fall for the same trick. Just don’t tell her you are that looser.

Happy Dating – Bring Your Happiness With You

Happy Dating Couple Being happy is important, especially when your dating life is active. Why?

First of all – because other people can sense your happiness or un-happiness. If you come to a date happy, your date will feel that and will respond accordingly. I did numerous tests myself, and any time I came to a date sad, grumpy or simply unsatisfied – it plain didn’t work. The girl I went on a date with just didn’t want me – plan and simple. Even if she was interested – there was a cloud of sadness or unhappiness that prevented her from getting in touch later or to respond to my attempts to contact her.

Second – it lowers your self-esteem and self-confidence. We talked about self-confidence before, so go visit that post. In short – the better you feel about yourself, the better she will feel about you. One of my dates told me that the minute she met me she felt my presence, in her words: “I felt like I am with a MAN!”. Only a few months before that another girl, just like this one was telling me that I am “not sexually attractive” and she doesn’t really want to be anything more than friends.

Last, but not least – people like to associate themselves with other happy people. Look around – how often do you see your coworkers or friends post pictures of themselves being sad, grumpy, deeply concerned or crying? You are more likely to see happy vacation faces, happy children smiles or happy romantic couples photos. Behind it there is a same reason – people want to associate themselves with happy people. It makes them happy too. So is your date – she wants others to see that she’s good and she can make her date happy.

Don’t just go on a date and kill it all out. Bring your happy face, happy thoughts, happy smiles and who knows – maybe by the same day three months from now, one sunny morning she will tell you smiling as happy as it goes: “Honey, today’s our three months anniversary”. Be happy.

Whoa, that was close!

Fat, Naked, Dangerous - blogSorry guys, our web site just went down for almost half-hour. Looks like we haven’t allocated enough bandwidth for it, so the server has notified our good friends at Zealus Web Design that we have overstayed our welcome. Thanks to same good friends at Zealus – they persuaded the server to give us some more time!

On a same note, I’d like to make a little announcement. While we will continue to impress you with dating advice you can’t find anywhere else, we still need to make a couple of green paper presidents to maintain status quo. While I am NOT asking you to click on the only two advertising banners we have (see how good we are – we know you hate those ads), I would go ahead and give you something. That’s right, instead of asking – we are giving!

Within week we will post a donation button for this web site. Anyone donated any amount (no matter how large or small) will receive a copy of Dating Advice – 9 Dating Basics. That’s right, we’ve got four more chapters to this never-ending story all packed and ready to go.

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Valentine’s Day, while hyped as the most romantic holiday ever, is actually the worst! Most couples break up either on Valentine’s Day or right after (have you ever though that Valentine’s Day abbreviates to a VD, which means quite opposite?) And break ups occur because we, guys, give them, girls, lousy presents. By the way, stay tuned for a special section on our blog about gifts and presents – just in time for holidays.

So what’s the story with photo? Oh, that’s simple. You send us that special picture that you plan to use on the dating web site or in that e-mail to a girl you are tryiing to get. We review it and tell you why it suck (or what could be improved). Best submissions will be (with your permission, of course) featured on this web site. Oh, and don’t try to be funny! Our local cops told me they can establish identity by picture of almost any human organ, so keep that organ for a real deal. Be a man, don’t act like a kid.

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Wrapping up – stay tuned, get your hair and nails done (guys, you too!), and prepare to send in your pictures. We’re up for a lot of fun this year, we just have to share it all!