Saturday Wait, And Sunday Always Comes Too Late

And I need another song to pull the titles from

Since this is Saturday/Sunday kind of post – no job updates. I have, however, spent whole day today doing absolutely nothing – felt really good and I got some rest.

Stargate Atlantis Rewatch – that episode (S5 E15) where Woolsey is being seduced (damn, just writing this looks funny) by an alien AI projection and Sheppard has to run around from Kolya again… I went and checked and it seemed that it’s one of the episodes written by William Waring. To be honest, each episode in season 5 written by him feels just a tad weaker than the rest. Which is kind of sad, because he did 13 episodes of SG-1 before that, so I can see why they let him direct, but cannot see why they didn’t help with the overall quality. Anyway, a kind of weak episode, I don’t buy their motivation to isolate Sheppard – not for a second. Just doesn’t add up.

Photography – I am still stuck on that pinup shoot, I can’t bring myself to edit it properly. It’s fucking annoying as hell, but something about the whole thing just… looks wrong. There’s no “punch”, she’s not selling the look, or selling it wrong… I don’t know.

On the other hand – the article is up: Male Boudoir Photographer. Feedback welcome 🙂

While on the topic of boudoir photography – I like this picture because it says “tranquility” to me more than anything else. I wish I could get a girl like that again to do the same thing but in the river or a lake or something like that. She’s amazing here.

Rated R